Vessel Inspection Services

When you need timely, accurate information about a potential purchase, sale, or repair of your existing or prospective vessel, CBW can assist you in making your most informed decision.

Please review our services and call us if you have any questions concerning the most appropriate inspection(s) for your particular needs. While our primary service area is the Chesapeake Bay Watershed we are available to inspect vessels from Maritime Canada to the Caribbean.

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Services Available

Pre-Purchase Survey (Condition and Valuation)

This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel. This covers structural integrity, electrical systems, the propulsion system, the fuel system, other machinery, navigation equipment, miscellaneous onboard systems, cosmetic appearance, electronics, and overall maintenance, as well as an out-of-water inspection and a trial run.

Insurance Survey

Before issuing an insurance policy or boat loan, the insurance company or lending bank will require an assessment of the boat's structural integrity and a safety evaluation based on its intended use. This inspection is performed so that the insurance company can determine whether the vessel is an acceptable risk or, in the case of older boats, still an acceptable risk. The boat's fair market value is an essential part of this survey. 

Pre-Listing Survey

This survey is performed prior to listing a vessel for sale and provides the seller and broker (if involved) with a detailed picture of the vessel’s condition and provides a checklist of work that might be performed that would enhance the value and speed the sale process.

Advanced Electrical Survey

This type of survey goes far beyond the time permitted in a traditional condition and valuation survey and includes opening panels, tracing wires, identifying faults that may exist, and can include preparing a detailed repair plan for badly miswired vessels. Billed by the hour, this is highly recommended for older motor and sailing yachts with multiple systems and many levels of post-manufacturer wiring.

Advanced Corrosion Survey

As Corrosion specialists, we can identify and provide assistance in mitigating corrosion damage. Vessels with galvanic corrosion issues require the most advanced level of electrical and corrosion expertise and test equipment. By utilizing industry standard procedures and our long-standing relationships with other experts in the field, CBW can provide diagnoses and solutions to the most persistent corrosion problems.

Engine and Mechanical Surveys

Our engine surveys are performed by authorized mechanics and engineers with factory training in the make and model of your engine and transmission. They include professional oil analysis and a detailed hands-on inspection using factory-supplied tools and software, as indicated.

This is highly recommended for any vessel and almost mandatory for larger motor yachts where engines may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Call us early to book, as these experts are highly sought after, and availability is limited.

Advanced Rigging Inspection

We have decades of experience on sailing vessels, from day sailors to large passenger schooners. One of the few surveyors still going aloft as needed to inspect rigging, we can provide an extensive report on the condition of your rig and sails. When necessary, our relationships with sail lofts and rigging companies nationwide can bring in the experts you need for confident racing and passage making.

Damage Inspection

An insurance company will often retain the surveyor to determine the cause of a loss and determine the extent of loss-related damage and may be asked to recommend repairs, review estimates, and determine the pre-loss value of a vessel. A vessel owner may retain a surveyor for the same purposes but on the owner’s behalf. 

Offshore Racing and Cruising Preparation

Whether planning your first run to the Bahamas, entering your next Bermuda Race, or preparing for a circumnavigation, our experience will give you the confidence that your vessel is well-prepared and equipped. We are familiar with the standards of the Offshore Racing Congress and the required equipment, as well as the equipment necessary for extensive offshore cruising.