Advanced VHF Radio Troubleshooting

A person holding a radio in front of an old style meter.

Many boaters complain about the reception or transmitting range of their installed VHF Radios but are at a loss how to evaluate their systems and make the necessary changes to optimize their performance. Below I identify the four (4) key issues that I’ve seen multiple times over the years. Some of these will require test…

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HF Radio Basics

A diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum shows the frequencies and wavelengths.

You just bought a boat with an HF Radio. What do you do now? Almost all cruising boaters, even the ‘newbies’, are familiar with their Marine VHF radio and the role it serves in both boating safety and cruising culture. And while most experienced ocean cruisers are quite familiar with VHF’s big brother, HF radio,…

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Amateur Radio for the Coastal and Offshore Cruiser

A radio is sitting on the table and has some buttons

My article last month was an introduction to Marine HF/SSB radio for those new to long range radio communication. Here, I try to introduce you to the wonderful hobby of amateur (Ham) radio and how it can enhance your cruising experience. Advanced articles on maximizing your enjoyment of HF radio and other communication options will…

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